The new Idiot on the block

Drum roll? forget it.
Ladies and gentleman,  I would like you to welcome the new idiot on the block,  The Educated City Slicker.
It’s ascent to this position has been phenomenal and unprecedented. Years ago we had our ancestors fighting for education for all, then we had those fighting for female education and then we had make everyone atleast literate.
The last of the lot of these has been the one bringing in changes manifold but losing it’s basic purpose.  Literacy has most certainly been achieved but there has been a degradation of the wisdom of the educated.
We have created a generation of people who can ofcourse read and write and even add but cannot think, reason intelligently. We have today, courtesy the internet wise cracks who believe they understand world problems and issues from their myopic expensive laptops. And these wise cracks pass judgment and ideas without having even looking at the shoes forget walking in them for even a few seconds.
The internet sure has bridged distances, however it has increased the actual, real, physical contact with people, situation and things.
Formerly the village idiot was notorious for not thinking things through or being able to read between lines. Today, the position has been taken over by the city slickers who get fancy degrees but are no better equipped in their mental faculty than the Village Idiot. Infact there can be occasions when the former turn out smarter than the latter.
It could be attributable to the fact that the Village Idiots perception is uncorrupted by the prejudices of modern times.
To the few who still have their reasoning uncorrupted it sure gets frustrating at times to watch the buffoonery of these smart Alec city slickers.
It makes one wonder where really are we headed with this’ majority’ of smart Alecs!


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